Thursday, February 24, 2011

the hidden otaku

my interest in Japanese culture started when i was in grade 5. this was the start of the anime-hype (remember "tagalized" anime on local TV).  i was thrilled, when we got cable, that Japanese channels aired anime as seen in Japan (yes original audio, without subtitles) and i was able to view lesser known, but nonetheless good, anime that never made it in the Philippines. and of course most of these were uncensored (not a hentai fan, though). i even watched Oh! Tokyo from a locally produced channel, which features sites and restos in Japan (cringe much!).

i cringe now when i admit that i watched Sailor Moon and Yuu Yuu Hakusho, but never for Ranma 1/2, Peter Pan (by Saban, yes, it's an anime!), Trapp Family Singers! Yes, i'm proud to admit that my taste in anime has improved. i don't watch all anime, but "feel" or screen them first because i don't have the time to watch all of them now with a 5-y.o. son in tow. generally, i take the animation style, story line, dialogue, humor, into consideration in watching anime, so not all of them pass my standards. i'm behind with the anime-world, the last anime i watched that was worthy of my time was Soul Eater, which i enjoyed immensely. before that was Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood, which was definitely better than the first series.

Soul Eater

Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood

also i have let my love for this genre of cartoons/art to permeate my son's world through Hayao Miyazaki's films, namely Tonari no Totoro, and Ponyo. my son just loves Ponyo (and so do i!) probably because he can relate to the age of the protagonist, Sosuke. Miyazaki's films are my first pick when it comes to kiddie films, minus Mononoke Hime for its violence, but can be watched later on as it instills good values about the environment :)
Tonari no Totoro
Ponyo and Sosuke

i hope the Japanese get to make more interesting anime, rather than the usual fighting/tournament types which are so a decade ago. for now, i shall look for more classics for my son to watch :)


  1. I ♥ Hayao Miyazaki films! They're so creative. My favorite is Howl's Moving Castle. Xoxo

    Rocio R.

  2. i love Howl's Castle, too, though it's not a Miyazaki original. all his movies are laudable. have you watched his son's movie adaptation, Tales from Earthsea? what did you think of it?


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