Monday, November 28, 2011

it's the most wonderful time of the year

yes the most wonderful, not to mention busiest, time of the year is here. it started in our house last week, but since our christmas lights were busted, i only got to don the new ones on our tree this weekend. and here are the results.

our christmas tree has been with us for over a decade already, with the same tree and decors. i only added ribbons to border the tree and as a topper as we lost the angel topper last year.

my son is also excited for Christmas, as much as other kids are. it is. after all their season. so yesterday we went to the toy store to look at probable gifts for him. so far, these are on his wish list:

  • Hot Wheels Wall Tracks - i find these interesting also
  • Scan2Go race car -  intriguing, but do we really need a card to make the car go faster?
  • Bumblebee MechTech action figure -  ok maybe not this one as it's super expensive
  • Bakugan action figure -  absolutely no! i don't like this toy/series
he'll get just one out of these from us (his parents), and probably a book or two of his choice. :) honestly, the prices of toys these days can make a parent's eyebrows go at the top of their heads. whatever happened to the simple marbles and tops?

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