Monday, July 23, 2012

Calligraphy Crafternoon

Tablea Cheesecake and my dipping pen are having a swell time
or should i call it an afternoon of calligraphy and sweets...? well regardless of the title, Vins and i definitely enjoyed Alessandra's session of intro to calligraphy. 

we got to Pino / Pipino just in time to ogle at the calligraphy paraphernalia from Scribe. they were so tempting... but we're on a strict budget. after all, i already got a dipping pen, so that's enough for practice. and on to my first attempt at calligraphy.

a twisted gothic alphabet
i never had a beautiful neat penmanship. mine's more like a scrawl. plus the weight of my alloy dipping pen did make my first try a challenge. 

though i'm happy to say i did manage... somewhat.

our beautiful attendance, penned by Fozzy, we're not worthy!
our finished seatworks
some of my favorites
and another
all in all, the experience was very overwhelming and at the same time immensely enjoyable as we got to learn a new craft, something which i can hopefully pass on to my son (to be honest i quite envy French children, they start training writing with a fountain pen at Kindergarten!).


  1. Wonderful class. Practice practice practice is the only way to improve.
    I learned Copperplate for a while
    I filled up sheets and sheets - it's like the piano.

  2. Hi! I was there too :)
    Sana we had a little chat. Let me know if you are up for an afternoon craft session as well :)
    I love your blog!

  3. thanks, gelibee! hope to see you on future crafternoons! :)

  4. Hi Ea, never got the hang of calligraphy either but I know it's because I don't practice! I've bought pens and they just dried up from unuse (is that a word?)!!! I just do some art every day, whatever it is, and God will do the blooming! Patsy from
    HeARTworks and


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