Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Down in the Garden

I finally had the courage to let Galoshes out in our garden. though our garden isn't at all that big, I feared that when I let him out he'd scamper, and burrow, and we won't be able to find him. well, so much for my exaggerated brain!
Galoshes is a scaredy-hog (which is innate to all of his species), and when i let him down, at first he didn't move but got all prickly. a few minutes pass, realizing that there's no threat, he goes around snorting and sniffing his way through the grass. then he spots something which i could not recognize (though it was a lump of soil) and started licking it and anointing himself with it! good thing he hasn't taken his bath yet. :p

i think Galoshes had a wonderful time in the garden. i think it's healthy for him too, so he can experience being in the 'wild'even for a few moments.


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