Wednesday, January 16, 2013

digital illustration

I admit that I'm not a techie. I only know the basics of Photoshop (more of photo manipulating) and Autocad (the 2007 version). Call me old-fashioned but I'm just really into hand-drawing/painting.

Then came my Nexus tab, a late gift from my hubby for Christmas, complete with Sketch Guru apps and other sketching/drawing apps already installed (but no Paper since Android doesn't have it yet). I tried the Sketch Guru app and was amazed by the results. Instant textures! Loving the Dave Mckean-ish look on my sketches. Here are two of them. Pardon my art, I don't have a stylus yet.
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first testing

i love doing Merida's hair. it's always a challenge


  1. Hi Mommy, I’d like to invite you to this FB group for Mommies. We’d really love to have you with us :-)


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