Thursday, May 5, 2011

lightning strikes... AGAIN!

 super excited about this movie, as much as my son to be honest. i can say i also grew up with Pixar's Cars. i practically watched it everyday (yes, i do mean every single day) with my son a few years back. it was also summer so it felt like i could also feel the heat emanating from the desert setting in the television.

i grew to love Mater the tow truck, Larry (git-r-done!) the Cable Guy has lent him so much character that i don't know how the person looks like anymore (ok, googled it already). Mater's Tall Tales are also hilarious! they are a must-see for any Pixar Cars fan. all of them are on youtube already, even the trailer of this new movie, and it is action-packed! Screening in the phils is still on August, with a 3D/iMAX option. so mommies and daddies, prepare yourselves for another Cars invasion. 

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