Monday, May 30, 2011

Nanay Online: a blog group for mothers

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i am proud to be a mother, despite the reactions of most people that i'm too young to be one. that is why i have joined a blog group for mothers, Nanay Online (nanay - Filipino word for mother), wherein we will post about topics on motherhood every week.

this week, the topic is how motherhood changed me. i can say a lot. i've been sleeping earlier (yes! at 10pm most of the time), learned playing boy's toys (i have to say Transformers toys are a challenge even for me!), been more patient, learned how to cook, created bedime stories at the top of my head to name a few.

but i think the most notable change in me is that i have learned how to be selfless, not only with my son but with other people also. in the office, they sometimes tease me mommy-ng-mommy! (very motherly) when i remind them of things or scold them jokingly, and i retort bakit, hindi ba? (why? am i not?), which i end with a good laugh.

being a mom also helped me become more resourceful. i am always looking for things where i can provide more for my family. that's why i've turned back to crafts, which i somehow detested when i was a teen (i was more of a visual artist). now i've re-learned how to crochet and sew in order to make things for my son and my nephew and niece, as well as make additional income.

i guess being a mother (or parent for that matter) really makes an impact on any person's life, and it is up to us how we make things of it.

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