Tuesday, July 19, 2011

... and i'm back!

it was very busy for me last week, with a business trip abroad and a local trip for leisure, i wasn't able to post anything at all. so let me start off with sharing photos from my Holga which were way due already (took this last May).

completely unedited scanned photos of my nephew (upper photo) and my son (holding the boat) 
out of the 36 shots, only 4 came out right, and these two are the best. the other two were way too dark. probably it's because the film was nearing it's expiry date already. but that's what's great about film photography, you have to wait for the outcome rather than being presented with the image already. i actually like the effect, it's very nostalgic. but i have to say, i need more practice, not to mention more film! :p

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