Thursday, July 28, 2011

online shopping + cloth pads

online shopping in the Philippines is still in its early stage, but steadily gaining popularity. i came across Shopinas, a hub for Filipino online sellers/entrepreneurs and shoppers. it's more like ebay, but with registered companies and not just individuals. i found it more convenient and user-friendly than ebay,, etc. as the latter are way too congested.

i ordered washable/reusable cloth pads from Lala Bella. they are also the makers of Fuzzibuns cloth diapers, which also offers diaper accessories for your diapering needs (which i should have used when my son was younger). although i want to be more earth-friendly, i'm still afraid to use cloth pads during red flag days. i have been using reusable liners already, but chickened out on the pads (though i already bought them). but now i think it's time to step up and take the challenge. i will try them on lighter flow days for the meantime and progress from there.

please keep your fingers crossed for me!!!

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