Wednesday, August 24, 2011

cloth pads

i have officially started using cloth pads during red flag days. they are as effective as ordinary sanitary napkins, plus they're more comfy! i especially like the Fuzzibunz brand because of the fleece top. my bottom feels like a baby! and the added fact that i'm using 2 pads less a day gives me a good feeling because i know that i am helping planet Earth.

Fuzzibunz cloth diapers are available in Manila at the following retail stores: Hobbes & Landes, and Rustans. cloth diapers and mommy pads are also available in selected online stores, all you have to do is google them. :)


  1. wow, i never thought of using a cloth pad before. that's very interesting.:)

  2. i also felt the same way before. but there's really no harm in trying it. :)


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