Friday, August 26, 2011

The Tempest painting by Rachel Gorton on

i'm excited over the long weekend here in the Philippines, even if there's a brewing storm. i'm already planning to do some projects, hopefully it won't be too humid to cause the paper to go damp.

also i'm excited( and giddy!) to watch the new Cars2 movie! we already know the story since he bade me to buy him the book (for his good grades), but nothing beats watching Mater in action! i like the idea that they injected some grown-up issues like the oil monopoly, i hope kids can be able to understand the issue though.

be sure to check out my next blog posts, one will be about a green little-known Dr. Seuss story which i hope you, too, will enjoy.

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  1. Hi Ea!!! ♥ I found your blog via Flex Family Arts! It's good to know you're from the Philippines. ♥ Kababayan. ;)


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