Friday, October 7, 2011

Baby boxes

no, your baby wouldn't come in a box, but think of a goody bag with all your baby's basic needs for a year. and this is what it would look like.

image from
i chanced upon reading about 'baby boxes' in Finland on etsy. i wish that every country could be able to provide this for their new citizens, especially those who need them most. too bad the Philippines has yet to develop this kind of program, but i hope we'll get there.

you can read more on baby boxes here and here.


  1. I suppose it's all about the needs of babies born in different climates. In cold countries like Finland, babies need warm clothes to survive. The government also has the means to support this kind of program as well as a need to do what it can to increase the birth rate! Here in the Philippines, you can't pack what babies need to survive into little boxes, even if the government could afford it: good nutrition for the mother if she is breast feeding, access to clean water, etc That said, baby boxes would be this would be a great project for some NGO to start to take a way some of the burden a new child puts on the financial resources of impoverished families.

  2. well said, WeLoveSewing. however, the baby box doesn't necessarily have to have everything the baby needs to survive. it is like a supplement to what the parents can provide so they wouldn't have to spend so much during the first year of the child. and i think this is better than giving out cash.


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