Friday, December 2, 2011

the deal with Trese

thanks to Budjette Tan and Kajo Baldisimo for reviving Phil folklore/myth in a Filipino graphic novel Trese (thirteen in Spanish). i bought my first copy last week. after reading it, i instantly knew i had to grab a copy of the next 4 issues. so i bought the 2nd issue yesterday. i didn't want to buy the other 2 issues yet for fear of having to wait so long for the new one (aside from the fact that i had a tight budget).

what i really like about Trese is that it is set in the present, with all-too familiar locations, and current events that does not take us too far away from present Manila. the mix of the supernatural and contemporary times blends in seamlessly, you'd think you'll come across a tikbalang when you go to work. or in my case, when i turn off my cellphone after reading (yes i read in the dark!) i'll meet a duwende in my bathroom before going to bed. Kajo's illustrations are also astounding, using chiaroscuro, no greys mind you, to depict the very dynamic scenes of Trese. of course, there's also the story line that does not mean to make every issue connect, yet the cohenrence is there. though some issues require a little background/research on Philippine monsters/artifacts. having a heroine with a murky past also helps in becoming attached to the series.

Alexandra Trese conversing with a Tikbalang

Alexandra Trese with her Kambal lackeys
what's not to love about the series? well, be honest the fact that there are only 4 issues to date! to quote Kirsten Dunst in the Interview with a Vampire, i want some more. but i hope the Kambal (twins) are with me when the other issues get released.

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