Monday, December 12, 2011

thrifted: International Arts & Crafts book

the lovely cover
as a predecessor of my favorite art movement, the short-lived yet flamboyant Art Nouveau, Arts & Crafts has been close to my heart as well. the femininity and stylized figures are what drew me to this movement, as well as the craftsmanship of each work.

all photos by Bre
what a wonderful treat for me! i bought this copy of International Arts & Crafts and would you believe that i got this for only Php100 ($2.30)? it's not very old either, with a 2005 publishing date. i just love scavenging around bargain carts of practically any store. you never know what you might come across hidden beneath those piles of what-have-yous.   


  1. I love Arts and Crafts too! It's right up there with Art Deco for me.

  2. Arts & Crafts + Art Nouveau + Art Deco... Love them all!
    (I once got 2 great Dover books (Art Nouveau patterns and motifs) in a super-discounted bin at a bookstore...)

  3. i quite agree, all 3 are the best art movements in my opinion


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