Friday, March 18, 2011


continuing my fixation on Japanese things, well despite the traumatic events that devastated many of our Japanese friends, i have to feature something on the positive side. Moshimo shop has the cutest, and i do mean cutest, toys on Etsy.

also many of Japanese Etsians are donating a percentage of their sales for relief. be sure to check out Team Etsy Japan if you think this is a way to do your part for their country.

more less interesting, but deserving, news from Japan. i found this on yahoo and my heart just melted, and i haven't even watched the video yet! click here to read more.
i remember the movie Hachiko in this news. that's why i love dogs, they're very affectionate and caring. i miss my Boltie (my sibe/spitz mix baby)! this is a reminder that humans are not the only creatures capable of camaraderie and concern, and we are not the only inhabitants of this planet!

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