Monday, March 21, 2011

new craft?

 finally go to learn a new craft over the past two weekends. last weekend, i bought a crochet needle and a spool of yarn. i also managed to find a a book with crochet basics and patterns, and a bargain at that! however, my inept ability to understand needlecraft i was not able to get any further than the basic chain stitch.

luckily, my mom still remembers how to crochet (thank GOD! i was about to give-up on it already). and with the steady visuals she provided me (okay, she had to slow down crocheting so i can catch up), i was able to grasp what i could not with the book. and so here it is, the product of my (and my mom's) labor... drum roll please...

i know, i know. not much, huh? still i spent almost all day doing this! thank you, mom. it's as if i received an heirloom gift. :)

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