Wednesday, March 9, 2011


my son recently put up a sign on our door to the den (aka his playroom) concerning 'house rules". i couldn't help laughing as i read it!       

Javie is my son's younger cousin

well, it is summer, that though he still has one final exam, i think he knows what the season means (he's in prep by the way). two nights ago, he told me he wanted to make origami mushrooms from his how-to origami book (his fascination for mushrooms stems from playing Mario). i told him we can do it during the weekend, after his exam. then just last night he wanted to make origami pets. then this morning he insisted on making one already! i told him to review first, and after his exam he can do all the arts-and-crafts he likes.

so tomorrow's his final exam, but i can feel he's itching to get his hands on some colored paper already!

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