Monday, June 13, 2011

Emerald Knights: a Green Lantern feature of shorts

image of Mogo (background) from
i'm a fan of graphic novels and animation, what with growing up with a brother who has the same likes. and yesterday i got a treat from hubby. he bought a DVD of Green Lantern: Emerald Knights, which is an animated feature of short stories based on several Green Lanterns (Hal Jordan becomes a minor character here). the animation is consistent, with awesome fighting sequences. but what interested me most are the substories. my favorite is that of Mogo, a Green Lantern which is a whole planet! imagine a planet with a life of its own and having the power to protect itself. now THAT is superb! we won't have to worry about pollution, deforestation, famine, or climate change. The other substories are also notable as every one has a lesson or two to learn from them.

i'd say this would be a good intro to the world of the Green Lanterns, and a must-see for those who will be watching the film.

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