Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Warlock

images from Flamel's Secret, the Official fan forums of the series and flamels-immortal-portal.com

 i have finally finished The Warlock (two weeks ago). i have thoroughly enjoyed every bit of it, and i'm looking forward to a re-read, though i'm still finding the right time for it. the revelatoins are amazing ang timed-right, and i bet there's plenty more in The Enchantress.

i would have to say, i am very interested in the background of Virginia Dare. she's a very shady character (in the series anyway), and a cunning woman. i hope she gets the next titular character. but none would compare to Perenelle Flamel, whose humanity remains though bestowed immortality.

i cannot wait for the last book. so it's another year of lit fidgeting for me. but i'm thankful i have books already lined up for reading. and right now it's A Dark Anatomy by Robin Blake.

for those curious enough to delve into the world of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel, here's a 5-chapter preview of The Warlock :click:

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