Thursday, June 16, 2011

i know what i did last weekend

yes, that's right, dark chocolate with sour green mangoes and salt. an unlikely combination but sent my taste buds tingling with excitement!
i'm guilty, i know... the money just slipped out of my hands as i saw these. but they were never regrets. first, a stop at The Echo Store. i first saw Theo Philo Artisan Chocolates in a food magazine, and ever since i wanted to try one. i believe i am a bold and curious eater, so i tried out the weirdest flavor, Green Mangoes with Salt. and it was very uplifting. usually when i eat chocolate, i get a heavy feeling of its richness, but with this it felt very light because of the green mangoes. the salt was there, but it does not overpower the other tastes.
very refreshing baby calming mist
 my son is already far from being a baby (aside from his occasional 'ma-ma!' baby talk, with matching hug). but i wanted to buy a cologne for him and it had to be organic. i came across Oryspa's Baby Calming Mist, and i instantly bought it! the scent is just right i even want to use it on myself. but about the calming part, let's just say i haven't found out yet...
sorry i haven't opened it yet, but sure looks delectable!
i also bought carrot chips, just to see how it tastes and so we can have alternative 'junk food'. but i always keep forgetting that i bought it; i'll be sure to try it this weekend.

one of the lesser known shorts

our next stop (and haunt) was Book Sale where i found two Beatrix Potter books. i'm trying to collect the titles, you see, so please excuse me for buying so much. they were on sale anyway.

please also don't blame me for looking across Book Sale to find Papemelroti, where i discovered these darling button earrings i have been eyeing on etsy! they were below Php100, who could resist that?

so that has been my little adventure last weekend. i was also able to finish another tote, but i will have to post it at another time (when i have a photo of it already).

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