Thursday, June 9, 2011

Social Love#2

time for Social Love#2. i'm turning to become more green, opting to use more eco-friendly products i can get my hands on (i am also learning to be less sensitive about the pricing! but it wouldn't hurt if the item was affordable). i've already found a local brand of organic and affordable body care and cosmetic line, which i have been religiously using (my family as well). i think that the next step would be "greening" our pets. i am an animal lover, and it's only natural that we use the most natural ingredients for our furry babies.

Purest Pets gives us just that, a safer alternative for dog grooming. and i do like their logo of a very energetic dog. i haven't really tried their products, but i am wishing we could have something like this in the Philippines.


  1. Awww, I love the idea of greening out pets! I'm going to get some of this for Bubby dog.


  2. go, Melissa! actually, i have done some shopping research and found local organic pet grooming products from GIGA. :) they offer organic soap and flea away perfume.


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