Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Maurice Sendak dies at 83

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when i was a child, i saw Where the Wild Things Are in a list of must-read books in one of our encyclopedias at home (yeah, i read encyclopedias as a past time back then) and ever since i wanted to get a copy. the illustrations just translated through me, it's as if i can relate with the wild things. i finally got a copy when i was 24 years old, as my gift for my son (i vowed to always let my son experience what i wanted to when i was a child). i even made obvious hints to my husband to get me a copy of the movie adaptation (which worked by the way) and purchased a markdown book puzzle book of the movie adaptation only a few months ago.

a few hours ago, i was dumbfounded to discover from Whorange that the very imaginative Maurice Sendak, award winning author/illustrator of Where the Wild Things Are has already died last May 8. of course everyone has their time, but knowing that someone you admire has passed away is rather heartbreaking.

for this, i will always cherish the copy of his works that i have, and probably get a copy of the Little Bear cartoons which i watched when i was younger. to Maurice Sendak, you have done great contributions to literature that no one could ever have imagined, we'll eat you up, we love you so.


  1. I love reading and haven't read that author... next on my list :)

  2. Where The Wild Things Are was a wonderful story and I thought the film was beautiful. I'm glad to have read his work :)

  3. yes, it has been one of my (and my son's) favorites also. i'm glad they made a movie adaptation. :)


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