Wednesday, May 23, 2012

my attempt at the art of bento

trust the Japanese to make the preparation of lunch boxes an art. of course, the west has already embraced this art and here are some astounding examples.

my favorite, Where the Wild Things Are bento. photo from

these cuties are featured on

photo from luckysundae's flickr photostream

are you ready for mine? please don't judge me!
let's get physical!

i know... mine doesn't even come close to ones at the top. but hey, i had less than 15mins to prepare my lunch (without cooking time), and the container's cute enough (got it from Robinsons Dept Store). i enjoyed it though, and i'm thinking one of these days i might do the same with my son's lunch for school. :) what do you think? 


  1. I've always admired the japanese bento. The panda bears are too cute!
    I guess you need a lot of time to prepare something like that ;-)

  2. I love the let's get physical! And I agree that it would be nice to make bento boxes. am sure there are a lot of tutorials there, I'm just lazy haha

  3. actually, i'm also guilty of being lazy. but we can always try. :)


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