Monday, May 7, 2012

a new addition to our family

nap time
everyone, gather 'round. I would like you all to meet our newest baby, Galoshes (name c/o my son). he's only 4 months old, but is already a voracious eater.

being cheeky
he huffs a lot, especially when he's going to be picked up, but when picked up he's all cuddles! i still get pricked sometimes, and i've gotten used to it already. he bites when my hand smells of food (apples when i slice some for him, or even when i'm wearing my organic lotion). and he just LOVES squeezing under nooks and crannies that i have to entice him with food to go out. my son laughs everytime he holds Galoshes, he says he gets tickled by his quills and his soft tummy. they're a riot when put together!


  1. hedgies are so cute!! I've never owned one but they look like so much fun :)

  2. yes they're cute, aren't they? he's fun to have around. :)


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