Wednesday, April 27, 2011

break from lit fidgeting

i'm reading The Lost Symbol (Dan Brown) as a break from my lit fidgeting. i was reading Meltdown, the copy i got when i was still a book buyer a few years back. it didn't pique my interest much though as it was a suspense thriller in a financial market setting. so not my genre.

anyway, The Lost Symbol was released in 2009 (yes, i'm late again!), it's the sequel to The Da Vinci Code which spurred a lot of debate regarding the divinity of Jesus (in my opinion, he's divine, with an heir or not... but this is off topic). I haven't yet finished The Lost Symbol yet, but i'm already familiar with Dan Brown's style. what interested me most are the facts about the Masons, that it makes me want to become one! not that anyone has ever invited me... of course, i'm female. their influence on the founding of America is astounding.
the connection of architecture and the arts to history is also very appealing for me. i was even researching the artworks in real-time while reading the book. i haven't been to the US, and it really isn't my dream to go there, but while reading about the architecture in the Capitol, i changed my mind.
Noetic Science has also grabbed my interest. in layman's term, it's more or less what you'd find in The Secret.
of course, the suspense is a real chiller, especially if you're reading in a room with only your mobile phone as light. which is what i do at night after my son has fallen asleep.
i've yet to discover the secret within the Masonic pyramid, but i have an inkling it's not as grand as i imagine it to be.

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