Tuesday, April 5, 2011

looks sooooooooo good

Indonesian thousand layer cake
it's nearing lunch here, and i am starving already despite the fact that i ate rice for breakfast. today i feel like a glutton. as i was, a few minutes earlier, strolling along etsy illustration teams, i found a really lovely etsy shop owned by Tinarosa Tam and her art is brilliant!

sashimi rice bowl

stir-fried pak choy
how could you not enjoy food painted so delicately and artistically? what's more, gone are the usual European food fare (cheese, wine, pasta) which are so much the subject of culinary illustrations. Tinarosa's illustrations feature more of Asian food, with all their bright and rich colors you could almost taste them.
grilled veggie skewers
to satisfy your craving for more of Tinarosa's culinary illustrations, visit her Etsy shop

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