Monday, April 25, 2011

a dash of spice

during the long weekend, i was able to watch a few movies, one of the most notable is Paprika. long before the movie Inception has been incepted, Satoshi Kon (of Perfect Blue, and Tokyo Godfathers fame) has created an animated film which delves on dream sharing as a way to treat psychiatric patients. then the plot thickens, and the film gets fantastically frightening. it becomes a mix between Inception and Ghost in the Shell. people cannot differentiate reality from dreams, and ends up with the dream world literally invading the real world. and it is Paprika's job to stop the mayhem.

Paprika reminds me of Motoko Kusanagi, who plays Ghost in the Shell's stoic heroine, but on a more perky level. the film is an overall treat, with visuals and plot that greatly complement one another. some scenes are a bit suggestive, though, and there is mild nudity (PG/R rating?)which are still tastefully rendered and melded in the storyline.

after watching Paprika, i'm sure you'll be researching more of Satoshi Kon's works. i'd recommend Tokyo Godfathers (which made a cameo in Paprika, by the way!) if you do not want to be disturbed by Perfect Blue.

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