Tuesday, April 12, 2011

semi handmade party

it was my neice's first birthday party last Sunday, and boy did we have a grand time (especially my son who reached his quota of prizes from the games)! everything was well-planned, and went on smoothly, congrats to my bro and sis-inlaw! the party had an Easter-like theme, very muted pastels and not-over the board decor was used. but what i really liked most about the party are the little details rolled out here:

reusable loot bags filled with goodies, with bird rubber foam detail
most of the parties we've gone to gave away plastic lootbags. yes, they're cheap but that's that.

these cute cupcakes! though the icing was a tad too sweet, and the birdie decor on top was a bit too hard, these yummy cuties are fun to look at

the original had shredded yellow crepe paper inside the nest

the nest centerpiece, which was not too overwhelming and not too simple. it was just right.

and what's special about these details is that these are all handmade! as parents, we are challenged to give the best for our children. but due to limited resources and time among other factors, we often settle for what is readily available, what's affordable. i, for one, have been guilty of this. but i saw through the efforts of my brother and sis-in-law, that we can give the best party for our little ones even with a tight budget. we just have to exhaust all avenues so we can get the best deals and offers. after all, our babies will not be babies forever. 

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