Monday, April 18, 2011

how to brew a royal wedding

the monarchy of England has stirred the world's current events with the wedding of Prince William and Catherine (as palace courtiers prefer to call the princess-to-be) set on April 29. i have to say i am quite excited for this event, as i do not get to see royal weddings as frequent as cartoons. though i would have to settle for re-runs since i have work during that day. here are the details, which i thoroughly liked:

1. the invite. so simply written but demands attention. because the Queen commanded. period.

2. Catherine's dress, which is rumored to come from the late Alexander McQueen's atelier, among other Brit designer choices. i'm really excited about this, since Diana's fairytale princess gown. only a real princess could wear something like that. Will Catherine follow the fashion steps of Diana or something more muted?

3. the wedding will be presided by the Archbishop of Canterbury. you only hear Canterbury in English literature.

4. a horse-drawn gilded glass coach which will transport the couple from Westminster Abbey to Buckingham Palace. now how dreamy is that?

so cheers to handsome royal couple! we are hoping to see royal babies soon enough. :)

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