Wednesday, January 16, 2013

digital illustration

I admit that I'm not a techie. I only know the basics of Photoshop (more of photo manipulating) and Autocad (the 2007 version). Call me old-fashioned but I'm just really into hand-drawing/painting.

Then came my Nexus tab, a late gift from my hubby for Christmas, complete with Sketch Guru apps and other sketching/drawing apps already installed (but no Paper since Android doesn't have it yet). I tried the Sketch Guru app and was amazed by the results. Instant textures! Loving the Dave Mckean-ish look on my sketches. Here are two of them. Pardon my art, I don't have a stylus yet.
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first testing

i love doing Merida's hair. it's always a challenge

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Learn from the wise. Owls have always been perceived to be wise. It is the symbol of Pallas Athena, goddess of wisdom.

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Thursday, January 10, 2013

My First Mail Swap

cute stamped package
Sorry for the lack of posts, Christmas has been crazy with all the things to do at my day job, gift buying, and inter-island trips. Last December I joined a mail swap hosted by Hey Kessy, the theme was Christmas. This is my first time to join such so I didn't quite know what to put in the package. To be honest I forgot to take photos of the handmade Christmas-y stuff i made for my swap partner (this Christmas season has been the busiest by far!), but I managed to take photos of the loot I got from Joyce of Monsterella Plush Art.
some stuff from the Monsterella shop, moustache eye mask and cutie plushie keychain

handmade gift tags made with washi, felt and stickers

more gift tags!

personalized postcard
Joyce and I have been exchanging emails lately, and we're planning on doing a personalized mail swap (meaning on a lower scale, haha!). I'll be updating you soon on this. :)
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