Wednesday, October 24, 2012

rubber stamps

guilty of crafting!
 well i haven't been totally busy during my weekends/holidays, i was able to squeeze in some rubber (eraser) stamps during my breaks.
red fox stamps (Le Renard Rouge)
i got my stamp carving tools at the Deovir online store, thank God they have one and that they are reasonably priced (have to make it a point to visit their real shop soon). the erasers i got from stationery deptartments of different stores, and let me tell you not all erasers are alike. i like the harder ones because they are easier to work with, rather than the elastic ones. i only have one stamp pad, an old school one from National Bookstore. hopefully i can be able to get more brilliantly colored ones (any suggestions?) or try watercolor as ink. 

folksy name stamp; í have to work on my fonts!
at first i found carving to be taxing as the eraser i got was to flexible and didn't always turn out the way i want to. when i got the hang of it (and a change of eraser), i found it very therapeutic, it's as if time stops for me. now i'm addicted (when i have time), and have been hoarding erasers whenever i go to the stationery section of stores. now on to my next project!

all photos taken via Instagram

Monday, October 22, 2012

New Artist Discoveries and more sketches

sorry for the lack of posts, i've been very busy with my day job lately. as promised, here are some of my discoveries on instagram, and i'm totally in love with their works.

 Audrey Kawasaki (@audkawa)






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