Monday, May 30, 2011

Nanay Online: a blog group for mothers

art by gustav klimt from

i am proud to be a mother, despite the reactions of most people that i'm too young to be one. that is why i have joined a blog group for mothers, Nanay Online (nanay - Filipino word for mother), wherein we will post about topics on motherhood every week.

this week, the topic is how motherhood changed me. i can say a lot. i've been sleeping earlier (yes! at 10pm most of the time), learned playing boy's toys (i have to say Transformers toys are a challenge even for me!), been more patient, learned how to cook, created bedime stories at the top of my head to name a few.

but i think the most notable change in me is that i have learned how to be selfless, not only with my son but with other people also. in the office, they sometimes tease me mommy-ng-mommy! (very motherly) when i remind them of things or scold them jokingly, and i retort bakit, hindi ba? (why? am i not?), which i end with a good laugh.

being a mom also helped me become more resourceful. i am always looking for things where i can provide more for my family. that's why i've turned back to crafts, which i somehow detested when i was a teen (i was more of a visual artist). now i've re-learned how to crochet and sew in order to make things for my son and my nephew and niece, as well as make additional income.

i guess being a mother (or parent for that matter) really makes an impact on any person's life, and it is up to us how we make things of it.

Friday, May 27, 2011

handmade toys

i finally got my order for a gift for my godchild/niece (sorry it was delayed, Raia!). it's a handmade puzzle of a dog family from linenkids (etsy). i wanted to give her something unique and uncommercial and found the perfect gift (she's already a dog-lover at a very early age)!  
came with a handmade pouch for easy keeping

the very cute dog family
you can visit linenkids shop here for more eco, and child-frendly and affordable handmade toys.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

wanting now: marimo balls!

photo from wendiland's etsy shop
have you ever wondered whether you can keep a plant for a pet? don't fret, now you can without looking weird! i'd like you to meet a marimo ball, which are really fuzzy algae balls. they are very cute and don't require much (just clean water, a little light, and a few good pokes every now and then).

personally i would like to have one and breed them, they're so cute they look like aquatic dust bunnies! ^-^ they come originally from Japan, and there they treat marimos as good luck charms or give it to someone to show that you love them. i've yet to find an affordable one here in the Philippines, but i will never give up on you, my little marimo!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

ACEO femme collection update

another update on my femme collection. i've finally rendered Nimue. i have been really enamoured by her love affair with Merlin. seems like Merlin, too, has a weakness no matter how much we put him on a pedestal. Yoshitaka Amano's book, Fairies, all the more piqued my interest in the lovers through a small passage from the book.
Nimue, Merlin's paramour

 also added to the collection is a Valkyrie, inspired by none other than Michael Scott's depiction of the warrior maidens.
a pristine white Valkyrie

i'm really enjoying drawing with pen&ink now, unlike before. both are available in my etsy shop along with my other artworks. 

crafts galore

image from
wondering which project to take on next? visit etsy blog for a list of how-to's here. honestly, i can't decide on which one to start with!

Monday, May 23, 2011

surprise! (sort of)

i had a pleasant sort-of-surprise last week. i received a signed bookplate from one of my favorite (and the most indulging that i know) authors, none other than Michael Scott! the bookplate was exclusive for members of a fan forum for his series, The Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel, and i instantly grabbed the opportunity to have one of the bookplates. with the next installment already a few days away from being released, the bookplate simply left me ecstatic (along with exclusive spolier quotes from the forums).

a lot of thanks to Michael Scott and all the forum mods for being able to connect to us fans. you don't know how grateful we are.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

ACEO femme collection updates

i have always been fascinated by women in history and myths (myths especially), may they be antagonists or heroines. thus, the femme collection was created. here are some updates from last weekend.

Morgan le Faye

Snow White


Nimue, Merlin's paramour

La Pucelle, Jeanne d' Arc
the pen&ink drawing was unintentional, but i was inspired by an article i read recently, about a comic book by Paolo Fabregas entitled the Filipino Heroes League (which shall be part of my "to-buy" list).

the rendered piece looks very different from the pencil drawings. i still have to apply color to Nimue and La Pucelle, but Snow White and Morgan le Faye are already available at my esty shop.

Monday, May 16, 2011

treats for your little girl

i missed blogger last week! it was down for two days. and as i don't have internet connection at home i'm only back now. now back to business!

i discovered these fabulous cuties last week, and i just had to follow my instincts and buy them.

these pieces are just perfect for girly or vintage inspired outfits! and they are affordable, no item over 100php. i'm sure to be looking out for more of Marjolaine's collection. Marjolaine girl's accessories are exclusively available at Robinsons Department Store.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

ACEO femme collection

 been working on these over the past two weekends. i'm vying for a femme collection, with characters from myths, fantasy, fairytales, and the like. these are done on Berkeley strathmore paper using pencil and classic Prang watercolors. i had to buy a new fine brush as my old one's hairs have gone all bushy and i can't quite get them in order (any tips for this?).



my well-used Prang watercolors cum pallete
these will be available in my etsy shop as ACEOs. so feel free to visit anytime!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

catwings on mother's day

Happy Mother's Day to me! Mrs. Jane Tabby suckling her babies
hubby had to go to cebu, and is still there, but he was still able to make my day on Mother's Day. he sent my son and i a package last saturday, with mine having strict instructions to open on May8. my son already opened his, a Pokemon book, while i waited for sunday to come. my hubby was already coaxing me to open it but i stood my ground.

so upon waking up on May8, i immediately opened my present. lo and behold it was a pair of rare (in the Phils.) children's books by Ursula K. Le Guin (of Earthsea Cycle fame), one of my favorite authors.

 i love cats, and i found Catwings a perfect urban fantasy read. it is accompanied by beautiful illustrations by S. D. Schindler.

so fluffeeee!!!

the illustrations remind me of Natsuo's cat drawings, sans the wings. the short stories are very straight-forward, but wonderfully written. my son and i read a part of it last night, and he enjoyed it, already looking forward to continue reading it later


a belated Mother's Day to all mums out there! wasn't able to post this, due to technical factors yesterday. i was recently featured on Smart Parenting online for my Unforgettable Mother's Day. click here to read more.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

lightning strikes... AGAIN!

 super excited about this movie, as much as my son to be honest. i can say i also grew up with Pixar's Cars. i practically watched it everyday (yes, i do mean every single day) with my son a few years back. it was also summer so it felt like i could also feel the heat emanating from the desert setting in the television.

i grew to love Mater the tow truck, Larry (git-r-done!) the Cable Guy has lent him so much character that i don't know how the person looks like anymore (ok, googled it already). Mater's Tall Tales are also hilarious! they are a must-see for any Pixar Cars fan. all of them are on youtube already, even the trailer of this new movie, and it is action-packed! Screening in the phils is still on August, with a 3D/iMAX option. so mommies and daddies, prepare yourselves for another Cars invasion. 

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

back to school hunting

the results of the UPIS KAT were released last April 29. my son sadly did not make it (sad face!). o well, back to school hunting again. i wish the Philippines had more state schools so quality education would not be limited to the elite or those who have money. but sadly (again), our country is plagued with corrupt officials that the government cannot even provide the basic necessities for its citizens. *sigh*

i'm now scouting for schools, and in the coming days we'll be visiting them. funny, when i told my son that he did not pass and that we have to look for another school for him. he wasn't affected at all, and even said if he can go to swimming school instead. and THAT put a smile on my face at the end of the day.
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