Wednesday, September 4, 2013

My favorite cat, Nala

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Monday, May 6, 2013

new pendants

Fall of the Wendy-bird
Tigerlily by the reeds

Monday, April 15, 2013

acrylic last weekend

early morning in our garden
last weekend was not as hot as I though it would be. so I finally had the courage to try acrylic (not sure though if that has any connection with the temperature) on my pendants. it is so very different from watercolor that I had some time adjusting to its consistency and flow. here are the results:

the effects of the two pendants are very different. I diluted the paint with water for the Madonna and Child, while the unicorn has purer acrylic form.

I am so in love with the textures on my unicorn. too bad I won't be able to keep it.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

30Day Drawing Challenge: Day 2

 Day 2 is draw an animal. As I was growing, I have always been fascinated by cetaceans. it started with orcas (killer whales), then dolphins (not the freshwater type, though). so this dolphin was drawn. now I'm thinking of doing orcas, with their beautiful B&W markings

and because I was so happy with my self portrait, I decided to do a fast portrait of my son. don't you just like his chubby cheeks?

Monday, April 8, 2013

30day Drawing Challenge

I am so behind Aileen's 30 Day Drawing Challenge. it's also been a month since my last post here. huhu! hopefully I'll be able to update my blog more through this challenge. so here's Day1: draw yourself

on another note, I have been tinkering with new materials lately. thank heavens for air-drying clay as I do not have a kiln or an oven to bake normal clay or Sculpey. 

it's my first time to work with this medium and i find it interesting. I'm still a bit chicken to paint it though (it's also my first time to use acrylic, any tips?)

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Our Little Postcard Swap

since the Mail Swap with Joyce of Monsterella Plush Art, we've been dropping each other emails every now and then. somewhere in our emails we've decided to have another swap, this time with postcards! here's the one I sent her

I added one of my brooches with a hedgie design (of which the photo is missing) since Joyce is into hedgehogs. I'm a newbie with using washi tape and haven't explored its many possibilities yet, so it's a bit conventional.

here's Joyce's postcard, among other things (Joyce is one generous person!)

I am looking forward to more mail/postcard swaps in the future, and hopefully with other crafters/kindred spirits.

Friday, February 22, 2013

Thursday, February 7, 2013

La Mer de Reve Brooches

After much contemplation (not to mention temptation), I puchased my first and second set of washi tapes during the past weeks. The first one was from Hey Kessy, one of the leading online sellers of washi tapes. They have unique and vast variety of designs to choose from. Then I went to National Bookstore where I chanced upon ultra slim washi tapes at 6mm width! No doubt I had to buy them.

And here are the results of my growing addiction. The illustrations are hand-drawn and colored, then dabbed with washi here and there and a bit of Mod Podge. Et voila! Handmade brooches! These'll be in the shop soon so watch out!
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Friday, February 1, 2013

Lunch Date at Rustic Mornings by Isabelo

A celebration was in order as my son just had his first communion on the last day of January. Good thing Rustic Mornings was only a few minutes' walk from the church and his school. I've always seen their signage whenever I take my son to school and now I have a chance to explore it.

Rustic Mornings is the daytime, walk-in version of Cafe Isabelo, as the latter only serves dining by reservation. It's located in a nondescript alley from the shoe museum in Marikina leading to the Pasig River. The alley's quite tight but it is a quiet neighborhood. RM also has a different menu, mainly serving breakfast/brunch specialties. I don't know what it is with breakfast food but I enjoy eating them any part of the day. I guess they're one of my comfort foods.
like dining in the comfort of your country home

The shabby chic interiors and decor will transport you elsewhere upon entering the compound. There were much blues and whites, distressed finishing, and crafty decors. You'll simply cozy up to this place. We chose an al fresco dining space since the weather played along with us; it was a windy-cloudy weather, perfect for the setting. I think not many people have gotten news of this place since it isn't packed yet. But it was a weekday, at lunch time so I wasn't expecting much of a crowd.
our little patio of a dining space
We ordered Chicken Fricasee, Sausage Platter, and Waffles and Chicken Strips for my son... And an additional order of Crispy Waffle since it was that good (for dessert). The food was okay, but more of the usual. I did enjoy the cheesy sausage and waffles though. Servings were just right, not too little and not too much.
yummy home-made pancake/waffle syrup
modest Sausage Platter
Our afternoon was cut short since the husband had to go back to work. If it wasn't for that I think I would rather have spent more time eating more slowly and savoring the place.
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the boy enjoying his Crispy Waffles!

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

digital illustration

I admit that I'm not a techie. I only know the basics of Photoshop (more of photo manipulating) and Autocad (the 2007 version). Call me old-fashioned but I'm just really into hand-drawing/painting.

Then came my Nexus tab, a late gift from my hubby for Christmas, complete with Sketch Guru apps and other sketching/drawing apps already installed (but no Paper since Android doesn't have it yet). I tried the Sketch Guru app and was amazed by the results. Instant textures! Loving the Dave Mckean-ish look on my sketches. Here are two of them. Pardon my art, I don't have a stylus yet.
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first testing

i love doing Merida's hair. it's always a challenge

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Learn from the wise. Owls have always been perceived to be wise. It is the symbol of Pallas Athena, goddess of wisdom.

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Thursday, January 10, 2013

My First Mail Swap

cute stamped package
Sorry for the lack of posts, Christmas has been crazy with all the things to do at my day job, gift buying, and inter-island trips. Last December I joined a mail swap hosted by Hey Kessy, the theme was Christmas. This is my first time to join such so I didn't quite know what to put in the package. To be honest I forgot to take photos of the handmade Christmas-y stuff i made for my swap partner (this Christmas season has been the busiest by far!), but I managed to take photos of the loot I got from Joyce of Monsterella Plush Art.
some stuff from the Monsterella shop, moustache eye mask and cutie plushie keychain

handmade gift tags made with washi, felt and stickers

more gift tags!

personalized postcard
Joyce and I have been exchanging emails lately, and we're planning on doing a personalized mail swap (meaning on a lower scale, haha!). I'll be updating you soon on this. :)
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